Formplas Permanent Shuttering


Formplas - A new, cost effective alternative to conventional formwork for constructing on site concrete ground beams and pile caps.

Manufactured from heavy duty polypropylene, 7mm thick.

Strong but light.

Easily cut and handled by unskilled labour.

Reduces over-dig and spoil cartage.

Stores flat.

Ideal for forming pile caps and other difficult shapes.

Corners and intersections easily formed.

No shutter stripping, cleaning or release agents needed.

Formplas is supplied in standard size sheets, 4.0mtr x 2.4mtr, and is easily cut out on site.

Alternatively, provide us with the layout of your project showing all beam sizes and levels and we will supply Formplas pre-cut and bent to suit your requirements.

In addition, we can supply all reinforcement prefabricated ready to install on site with minimum of labour and time required.


Accessories required include:

Plastic grade plate spacers: Our gripper type are specially designed to stay in position when used vertically fixed to stirrups up to 16mm diameter. Usage - 8 per square metre.

Plastic line spacers, in 2.0 metre lengths available to give cover from 15mm to 50mm

Concrete Line Spacers, 1.0 metre lengths, used underneath heavy beams and cages where plastic track would not be strong enough.

P.V.C tape, supplied in rolls for sealing the joints to Formplas.



Bracing Bars made from H8 rebar available where required.




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Formplas Permanent Shuttering
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