Aquaplug is used in situations where sealing against live water or grout movement is required.

Areas of use include plugging of concrete panels and joint sealing prior to grouting operations, sealing of basements, concrete pipes, sewage systems and foundations.



Aquaplug is a cement based shrinkage compensated ready to use mix including chemical modifiers and selected graded aggregates.

The mixed product is an ultra rapid setting plugging mortar.

Typically placed mortar will set in three minutes and once set will stop running water.

The shrinkage compensated mix design ensures complete plugging in the applied area.

The product is easy to use only requiring the addition of mixing water on site.



Apply the Aquaplug firmly into the crack or fillet using a fillet trowel.

When working against water pressure work towards the point of highest pressure and finish using a gloved hand forcing the material against the pressure until set.

Cut off excess material from face within 3 minutes. Dampen fillet after application.

The use of warm water is acceptable at temperatures of 5°C and falling.

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