Non-Shrink Grout



Non-Shrink Grout is a blend of low alkali high specific surface portland cements and other cementitious binders, combined with high purity aggregates and a system of compatible admixtures.

When added to water it produces a reliable non-shrink, high strength grout with good fluid flow characteristics that will neither bleed or shrink.

Specifically designed for anchor or baseplate grouting, under machinery and stanchion plates, grouting rails and bridge bearings, fixing bolts parapet rails etc.


Expanding Grout Admixture includes an expanding medium and a plasticising agent.

The expanding medium generates gas during the hydration process counteracting normal settlement and shrinkage.

Supplied in 227g tubs. Normal usage, 1tub to 50kg of OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement).



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Non-Shrink Grout
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Non-Shrink GroutNon-Shrink Grout