Resin Grout


Zetapro Resin Grout

Zetapro is a high strength, two-part, fast curing polyester grout/resin adhesive.

Supplied pre-packed in 300ml or 400ml cartridges.

Suitable for the permanent installation of reinforcement, dowelling and starter bars, foundation bolts, handrails, wall ties, Heli-bar, allthread studding, etc.

To calculate how much resin you need use the following formula:

0.000785 x sum of diameters in mm's x the difference between diameters in mm's x the depth of embedment in m's x number of holes=  number of litres needed.

For example 400no. 16mm bars in a 18mm hole, embedded at a depth of 150mm would be 0.000785 x 34 x 2 x 0.150 x 400 = 3.2028 (litres) ÷ 0.400 (400ml tubes) = 8 tubes of resin. Allow for wastage for over-filled holes.

(Resin Data Sheet here)


Resin Gun

A sturdy Co-Axil gun to apply the 400ml Zetapro 2-part polyester resin.

The 300ml cartridges are designed to be used with a standard skeleton gun.


Glass Resin Capsules

Glass resin capsule fixing system that can also be used with allthread rod, dowel bars, stud anchors, etc.

Can be used in concrete, stone and brickwork .



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Resin Grout
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Resin GroutResin GroutResin Grout