Tube Clamps and Handrailing


Tube Clamp fittings are manufactured with simplicity and ease of use very much in mind.

No special skills are required - no welding, no bending, no threading, just an Allen key to tighten the set screws and you can join tubing together in a matter of seconds.

The comprehensive range of fittings and sizes means Tube Clamps can be used in a wide variety of applications, temporary or permanent.




Sleeve Joint-00: Provides an in-line joint between two tube of the same diameter

Expanding Connector-01: Provides an in-line joint between tubes of the same diameter, with a wall thickness of 3.2mm. Use with the type 00

90 Degree Elbow-02: Provides a joint between two pipes at right angles to each other.

Short Tee-03: Designed as a butt joint between two tubes.

Long Tee-04: A butt joint, joins two pipes together at a right angle

Base Flange-11: Used to provide a wall/base fixing.

Base Flange-12: Designed as a base for structures and railings.

Vertical Side Support-13: Used as a side mounting fixing for structures and railings

Cast Side Support-14c: Side mounting fixing for railings and structures.

Side Palm Fixing-15: Used as a base for structures that need a side mounted fixing

Handrail Bracket-16: Fixing designed to secure handrail tubes to walls.

90 Degree Three Way Elbow-20: Provides a neat corner for the upper rail of guardrailor or frames.

Corner Elbow With Through Tube-21: Used as a 90 degree corner fixing for guardrail or frames

Two Socket Cross-22: Midrail joint for structures and rails, allowing continuous flow.

Side Outlet Tee-23: A three-way midrail joint ensuring continuous flow through pipes and rails

4 Way Cross With Central Tube-24: Four-way midrail joint for pipes and structures

Short Tee Swivel-25: Normally used in pairs allowing corner joints of any angle between 90 and 180 degrees

30-45 Degree Adjustable Cross-28: Accomodates any rake angles from 30-45 degrees

Adjustable Short Tee-29: Accommodates rake angles from 30-60 degrees.

Gate Eye-31: Use for lightweight gates. Use in conjunction with 03 and 30 fitting if supporting a heavy gate.

Gate Hinge-32: Designed to support light weight gates. For heavier gates use with types C03 and C30 for support

Male Swivel-35: Use for attaching flatsheets or boards to a structure. Can be used with the C36 female swivel for mounitng rails at all angles for slopes.

Female Swivel-36: Can be used with the 10, 35, 37, 38 or 39 male swivel fittings

Double Male Swivel-37: Use with two C36 female swivel fittings

Corner Swivel Male-38: Use with two 36 female swivel fittings to make a corner combination fitting.

90 Degree Crossover-40: Fitting provides two rails at a 90 degree angle to be joined. Can also be used as the midrail component for pipe flow

Clamp On Tee-41: Allows new tubes to be connected to existing structures.

Single Swivel Combination-45: Used to make an angled tee between two tubes. Fitting used for constructing sloping handrails and bracing struts to structures

Base Swivel-46: Used to provide an angle wall/floor mounting

Double Swivel Socket-47: Provides an in-line angled joint as a post.

Corner Swivel Combination-48: Provides an angled joint at a post

Plastic End Cap-65: Suitable for capping plain end tubes. Fits medium and heavy gauge tubes

Single Mesh Clip-66: To be used with standard mesh panels. Clips should be separated maximum of 450mm apart

Double Mesh Clip-67: Use as a fixing for standard mesh panels



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Tube Clamps and Handrailing
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