Lifting Inserts and Sockets




Flat End Lifting Socket

A very popular lifting socket made from heavy duty tube with flattened end.
Always use with a reinforcing tail.



Solid Rod with Cross Pin

Machined from solid rod for extra stregth with an integral cross pin.



Wavy Tailed Lifting Sockets

Available with long or short rebar wavy tails.

The waved end insert relies for anchorage on a specially curved reinforcement bar that has been swaged onto a threaded ferrule.

It can also be supplied with a straight rod reinforcement bar as the anchorage.



Lifting Loops

Lifting Loops are used with the above lifting sockets to lift pre-cast panesl, staircases, etc.

Will safely lift vertically loads from 500kg at M12 to 6300kg at M36.



Other types also available, e.g. Anchor Pins with lifting clutch, Spread Anchors, etc. .........just give us a call with your requirements.




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Lifting Inserts and Sockets
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Lifting Inserts and SocketsLifting Inserts and SocketsLifting Inserts and Sockets