Grade Plate Spacers


Grade Plate Spacers

Dual cover spacer used in floor slabs particularly to support reinforcing mesh.

Spreads the load due to large footprint; ideal on polystyrene and damp proof membranes.

Gripper grade plate spacers are same as standard grade plate spacers, except this spacer "grips" the reinforcing bar and won't slide down when used in a vertical application. Specifically developed for use with plastic shuttering system


Code Cover mm Bar Dia mm Qty/Pack
GP25/30 25-30 6-20 250
GP40/50 40/50 6-12 200
40/50 6-20 200
GP65/75 65/75 6-20 200
GP65/75HD 65/75 6-20 200
GP90/100 90-100 6-20 100



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Grade Plate Spacers
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