'K-Form' Screed Rails


K-FORM is so simple to use, just one person can lay complete shuttering systems.

Available in 85mm and 135mm heights which are ideal for slabs of 100mm and 150mm respectively with the removable 10mm top-strip. The addition of 25mm top extenders can help achieve other slab heights.

With no heavy lifting, no health and safety issues, the 2.4 metre beams can quickly be cut to length with a hand saw and no specialist equipment is needed at all.

Once concrete has been poured, K-FORM remains in place, so even more time is saved; no removing, no cleaning and storing.


• Designed for pours of up to 200mm thick concrete. This can be increased by 25mm with the use of the Top Extender.

• Enables adjoining bays to be poured consecutively.

• 44mm pre-drilled holes at 800mm centres in base for anchoring with mortar.

• 24mm pre-drilled holes at 300mm centres in vertical face for locating steel tie bars.

• The profile is made in UPVC and has a built in expansion joint.

• Once concrete is poured K-FORM is left in place; no need to remove and clean.

• Separate wear strip can be removed once concrete is set to allow joint sealing.


        BBA approved              








Just follows these simple steps:

Put string line down.

Cut first top strip in half and attach to first shutter and fit end-clip.

Place spots of bedding mortar on sub-base at intervals of 800mm to correspond with holes in base.

Place shutter on mortar and gently tap down with a rubber mallet so that the top of the wear strip is at the desired level.

Place bedding mortar as above for next shutter.

Join second shutter to first with the end-clip.

Fit full length of top strip across the shutters.

Tap down the shutter as above.

Once the bedding mortar has cured, you can start pouring concrete.

Each 3m K-FORM beam has pre-drilled 20mm holes for steel tie bars.

K-FORM stays is place, therefore adjoining bays can be poured one after the other.

When the concrete has cured, remove the top strip and fill gap with sealant.
Top strip can be left in if preferred.





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\'K-Form\' Screed Rails
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\'K-Form\' Screed Rails\'K-Form\' Screed Rails