Permaban Diamond Dowels



Traditional round dowel bars only allow the concrete to contract in one direction.

Diamond Dowels were developed by Permaban to allow contraction of the slab in two lateral directions.

Traditional dowel bars have to be inserted through timber formwork making the removal of the formwork difficult.

Permaban Diamond Dowels use a plastic sleeve that is nailed to the timber formwork making the formwork removal very simple.

The dowel plate is simply inserted into the sleeve once the timber has been stripped away.


No fuss, no mess, just a clean and simple installation.


Also available are:

   Polymeric Coated Dowel Bars

  Permaban Square Dowel Bars with Square Sleeves

  Stainless Steel Dowel Bars (Smooth or Ribbed)


   Mild Steel Dowel Bars



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Permaban Diamond Dowels
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