Screed Chairs


Metal Screed Chairs

Designed and manufactured to produce accurate thickness of floor slab.

The screed chair provides a stable support that is easily adjustable and will ensure the required depth of slab is maintained.

The screed chair is adjusted in height by turning the stirrup in the base.

Stirrups and bases can be supplied as separate items. Metal screed chairs are much stronger than plastic and can support heavy tamping bars such as razorbacks.

Different shapes of stirrup tops enable a variety of screeding rails to be used, eg scaffold tube, square bar etc.


Chair Size Thread Adjustment Min. Slab Thickness Max. Slab Thickness
1 30mm 120mm 150mm
2 50mm 150mm 200mm
3 100mm 200mm 300mm
4 80mm 300mm 380mm
5 80mm 380mm 460mm


Stirrup Size Overall  Length Thread Length  Base Size Overall Height 
1 100mm 60mm  1  65mm
2 125mm 85mm  2  90mm
3 175mm 140mm  3  140mm
 -  -  -  4  240mm
 -  -  5  315mm




Heavy Duty Metal Screed Chairs

An alternative to 'sacrificial' screed chairs, this heavy duty version can be removed, cleaned and re-used.

To use, simply insert scaffold tube in the stirrup, adjust the height with bottom nut and lock into place with the top nut.

Uses speedform thread for minimum maintenance.

Suitable for slabs up to 500mm deep (including height of scaffold tube).


Plastic Screed Chairs

Plastic screed chairs are fully adjustable from 120mm to the bottom of the stirrup. (N.B. a 70mm length of plastic tube is needed to join the base to the collar).

To extend the height beyond 120mm, just cut the length of plastic tube to the required shaft length .

Please note that the stirrups are currently square, not round tops as in the picture.


Scaffold Tube

48.3mm galvanised tube in 6.1m random lengths for using with any of the above screed chairs.


Tamping Bar

Lightweight aluminium section 100 x 50 mm for accurately tamping and levelling concrete slabs.

Can also be supplied with handles for ease of use.



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Screed Chairs
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Screed ChairsScreed ChairsScreed ChairsScreed Chairs